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Located in LA, USA, the Cloud Mining farm is accessible to members 24/7 and they have access to a multi language technical support, which is an exclusivity in the industry

The Cloud Mining system is ideal for beginners. Our system also offers solutions for experts and large-scale entrepreneurs from one unit farm to multiple tier-1 home dedicated mining farm.

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An Entirely New Way To Earn Revenue

Harness The Collective Power Of Your Users' CPU

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Mobile Opt-In

Monitor your mining on the go through phone

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Rewarded Experience

Earn bitcoin and other altcoins by doing nothing.

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Flexible Opt-Out Options

Withdraw your earnings in Bitcoin or cash direct to your account

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User Incentive

Get Rewards

Make cryptomining activity be of interest to your users by offering in-app rewards. Incentivize them to mine in exchange for in-game currency, feature unlocks and other valuable in-app assets.

Interest to your users by offering in-app rewards. Incentivize them to mine in exchange for in-game currency, feature.

Cryption Coins

Frequently Questions

Unlike other websites that charges in advance, BTCdom start mining of your preferred cryptocurrency within 24-72 hours of payment verification. After the verification, your hashing power will start giving rewards.
BTCdom works in highly transparent manner. We have created the dashboard where you can check your mining returns that will be updated on regular basis.
We normally recommend the payment once 0.1 BTC is accrued in your wallet; however many people purchase yearly contract in that case it is difficult to accumulate 0.1 BTC. Hence, we at BTCdom provide relaxed payouts at 0.005 BTC once the 0.1 BTC is accrued.
No, at the moment this process is not automated owing to various security incidents. When you cross minimum return threshold, you can request for returns to be paid by adding your wallet address.
Yes, we charge small mining fee of 0.0008 BTC for each transfer. We would like to confirm fellow customers that this is something which is required to be paid by BTCdom as well to the network.
BTCdom is backed by data center industry experts and we want profits in maintenance fee we charge for hashing rate.
Every contract offered by BTCdom is time based, therefore you won’t be able to add hashing power to existing contract, but you can always add new contracts to your account.
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Fast & Easy Integration Of Simple & Lightweight SDK

  • Only requies 1 permission for “Internet access”
  • & gives you the potential of up to $5 per 1000 installs / month
  • regardless of where your users are located is ready for your business.
  • Located regardless of where your users are being very happy with that.
  • It is not a dummy content, Yes we are talking about bitcoin mining.

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